Friday Apr 11 10:07am
Thursday Apr 10 09:09pm

Still Foggy (Cosomonaut Grechko Remix) - Hior Chronik

Tuesday Apr 1 02:55pm
Saturday Mar 8 12:44pm

NYT: What books are you embarrassed not to have read yet?

TEJU COLE: I have not read most of the big 19th — century novels that people consider “essential,” nor most of the 20th-century ones for that matter. But this does not embarrass me. There are many films to see, many friends to visit, many walks to take, many playlists to assemble and many favorite books to reread. Life’s too short for anxious score-keeping.

Teju Cole, "Teju Cole: By The Book" A New York Times Q&A, March 6, 2014 (via yourbrainiscute) Saturday Mar 8 12:43pm

Top Notch - Manchester Orchestra 

Killin’ it. 

Thursday Feb 27 05:11pm
24 plays

Miss Teen Massachusetts - SKATERS 

Monday Feb 17 05:10pm
Monday Feb 17 05:09pm
Thursday Feb 6 04:02pm
Thursday Feb 6 03:53pm
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